Private Lessons


  • Relationship building and troubleshooting. Get unwanted behaviors under control and begin shaping the relationship you want. You will learn fun and effective ways to teach your dog what is expected of them. This program is designed to set you up for lifelong success with your dog.


  • Puppy essentials. Get your puppy on the right track. We will cover potty training, socialization (with people and dogs), crate training, meal time, good manners, jumping, mouthing, barking, playtime, myths about training, and introduction to behavior shaping.


  • Pre-puppy consult. Learn how to set up your life for an expected puppy. We will cover the dos and don'ts of puppy training: everything from potty training to "where do I put the food bowl?"


  • Pre-dog consult. Thinking of getting a dog? Finding the right fit can make a world of difference, but it takes some planning. Whether you're looking to adopt or purchase a purebred, this consult will get you on the right track. We will discuss your unique needs, wants, and lifestyle and help choose the right dog for you.


  • Baby on the way. Expecting a new arrival? Learn how to transition your dog from being an only child to an accepting and respectful big brother or sister. We will cover what to do before the baby comes home, proper interactions around and with the baby, and making sure your dog remains a happy member of your family.