Welcome to The Reliable Dog of Cape Cod

We are a small locally owned business that takes pride in what we do. We treat every dog as if they were a part of our family.

  The Reliable Dog offers dog training services to Cape Cod and the South Shore. Our services are based on The Reliable Dog Training System.

What is The Reliable Dog Training System?

This system is a holistic approach to dog training. It takes into account your dog's whole life: from puppy years to senior years, from play time to rest time, from good manners to obedience, from walking on leash to recalls off leash, and everything in between. We all want to set up our dogs for a life full of successful interactions with both people and other animals. How do we do this? By smart training. Every part of this system works on different levels of conditioning. We are never teaching just one thing at a time, even though it might look like it. All training begins with the comprehensive Essentials Program. This addresses your dog's unique needs and covers topics such as: human v. dog space, a progressive approach to recall and loose-leash walking, good manners and the foundations for obedience, plus choosing equipment that's right for your dog.

Why would I need it? Who is this appropriate for?

This training is appropriate for all ages, breeds, and temperaments. Whether we're aware of it or not, we are not the only people involved in our dog's life. Our dogs need to be adaptable to any situation life might throw at them. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can my dog be touched?

  • Can my dog relax in new environments?

  • Can my dog be calm in his crate?

  • Can my dog be away from me without being anxious? (separation anxiety)

  • Can my dog be approached by new people?

  • Does my dog pull on the leash?

  • Does my dog display aggression towards other people or dogs?

  • Does my dog have any issues around meals or food?

These questions are just the beginning. Your answer might be, "My dog doesn't need to work on any of that stuff. He's just fine loose in the house." That might be true, but the fact is that all dogs will be asked to do different things during their lives. Examples: vet visits, walks outside the house, boarding, relatives coming to your home, bed rest after illness or injury, travel, etc. This training is designed to build a strong, healthy relationship between you and your dog. It is also designed to create confident dogs and happy owners. The training will address problems that already exist, but it is also proactive, and carefully designed to help you handle behaviors that might come up in the future.